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Your kitchen: our top five ways to refresh your room!


It’s a new year which means that lots of you are looking for ways to make a fresh start.  If you think your kitchen looks a bit tired, here are our top five ways to give it a makeover.

  1. Your kitchen, your rules

We’ve heard a few people talking about minimalist kitchens as the trend for 2017.  They’re certainly becoming more popular.  We’ve had people asking for industrial style kitchens with exposed brickwork and lots of metal. 

We think that your perfect kitchen should suit you and your house and there are plenty of styles to choose from.  We’ve seen simple shaker kitchens make a comeback.  They look beautiful and are hard wearing so they’ll last for years.  If you live out in the countryside and want a kitchen to match, a farmhouse kitchen is the main trend for this year but it’s also a classic.

  1. Keep it clear

If you want a minimalist kitchen, you’ll need lots of clear worktop space to make it work.  Even if you choose a different style, if you have lots of kit you’ll still need the right storage so everything has a home.


Kitchen designers are coming up with some really clever ideas about storage.  That means that you can mix and match to find the right combination for your room.  If you have lovely crockery that you want to display, open shelving is perfect.  There are also a range of different cabinets to suit the style of your kitchen.  For a completely minimalist look there are handle free cupboards that keep everything looking sleek.


If you’re struggling to find room for everything, space saving solutions are becoming more popular.  Lots of designers are including a lazy Susan inside cabinets which you can spin to reach things at the back.  There are even pull out knife blocks so you don’t have to find space for them on your worktops.


  1. This year’s colours

White and grey are still great kitchen colours but we hear that black is the most popular new trend this year.  It’s a bold choice and an all-black kitchen might be a bit overwhelming, especially first thing in the morning!  If you’d like to give black a try, combine it with a lighter colour to give some contrast.


If you’d like something a bit more colourful, there are lots of lovely blues coming out this year.  You can have pretty much any shade you like and there are some stunning patterned tiles to complete the look.


  1. A smart home

Do you fancy a kettle or coffee maker that you can turn on with your phone whilst you’re still in bed?  They’re pretty pricey but you can have one if you want!

If you live in a house full of gadgets, you probably also needs lots of places to charge them.  Whatever style of kitchen you choose, there are now a range of pop up sockets and integrated docking stations that you can install where you need them.


  1. Ideal ovens

 Range cookers are the most popular appliance this year and it’s easy to see why.  If you have the space they look stunning and are perfect if you enjoy cooking for a crowd.


If a massive cooker won’t fit in your kitchen, wall ovens are a great alternative.  They’re ideal for smaller kitchens as it leaves you space for storage above and below your cooker.

Are you planning a kitchen makeover this year?  What look will you choose?  Leave us a comment and let us know!

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