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Your bathroom: the trends to watch for 2017

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We know we’ve got some design savvy customers out there so we always keep an eye on the latest trends.  We wouldn’t want to get left behind!  If you’re thinking about a new bathroom for the New Year, here are our favourite styles to inspire you.

1.    Go for vintage

We’ve seen styles go in two completely different directions recently.  Lots of our customers are choosing modern, minimalist designs and others are heading into the past.


We love Victorian and Edwardian inspired fittings, especially roll top baths.  They’ve made a real comeback recently.  There are some beautiful bath designs but also ornate basins and even toilet cisterns!  You can combine them with modern furniture for a stunning look.


2.    Beautiful colour schemes

There are two massive colour trends this year.  We couldn’t choose our favourite so we thought we’d tell you about both of them.  Which you choose depends on how bold you’d like to go!

If you’d like a bathroom that reminds you of your summer holiday, warm colours are the way to go.  These schemes use brown and terracotta inspired by Mediterranean and North African countries.  We’ve seen these colours used in bathrooms with dark wood furniture and it looks beautiful.

Alternatively, very dark colours are making a huge comeback.  How dark are you willing to go?  Combining the darkest shade in your favourite colour with metallics will give you a fabulous finish.

3.    Dimensional tiles

If you’d love a minimalist bathroom but suspect it might be a bit boring, think about tiles.  Unusually shaped dimensional tiles are everywhere this year.  You can keep them white or add a splash of colour.  These tiles can be slightly more expensive than plain white tiles but we think they’re definitely worth the investment.

4.    Shower power

There’s nothing like a powerful shower to wake you up in the morning.  Environmental concerns are prompting a lot of people to get rid of their bath altogether and just invest in an amazing shower.

Losing the bath gives you more space for a big open shower area.  You can have a glass screen rather than a curtain which will make your bathroom look bigger.

There’s lots of new technology emerging too, with digital and wireless showers.  These are very expensive at the moment but definitely something to watch for the future!

5.    Clever storage

No matter what size your bathroom is, we believe in making the most of the storage space available.  We’re very pleased to see that floating vanity units are becoming more popular this year.  They give you lots of storage space along with beautiful clean lines.

The space underneath means that you can use baskets to hide away the things you don’t need every day.  We like anything that makes getting ready in the morning quick and easy.

6.    Bringing the outside in

This is a huge trend this year.  We’ve left it until last as it’s our favourite.  Most bathroom designers are now looking for ways to make their products more environmentally friendly.  That trend is now carrying through to the look of the bathroom too.

If you’re going for a whole new bathroom, think about using natural wood in your design.  It adds a real touch of warmth to the room.

Of course the simplest way to achieve the look is to introduce some greenery.  Having plants in your bathroom doesn’t just look great, it increases the oxygen in the room so it’s good for your health too!


We hope we’ve inspired you.  What’s your favourite bathroom trend for 2017?