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You can transform your bathroom with perfect lighting


 How do you use your bathroom?  We know, it sounds like a silly question.  But when you think about it, your bathroom can have more than one job.  You might just have a quick morning shower, brush your teeth and you’re out again.  It could be the place that the kids get their faces washed and teeth brushed.  Then again, it might turn into your sanctuary at the end of a busy day.

When you’re sinking into a hot bath to soak your tired muscles, your mood will be very different from what it was at breakfast time.  Yet the way your bathroom looks will be the same, won’t it?  Not necessarily.  If you’re clever with your lighting you can create just the right atmosphere.

Keep it natural

Before you start with a lighting scheme, look at what’s already there.  You might have a big window or a skylight that lets in lots of light from outside.  Using natural light is a great starting point, especially as it helps to keep your electricity bills down.  See what the lighting’s like at different times of day.  How much comes in first thing in the morning or later in the evening?  Of course, once winter arrives you’ll probably be getting up in the dark anyway.

Task lighting vs ambient lighting

Task lighting is probably the most important type, especially in the morning.  A good task light lets you see clearly to brush your teeth, put make up on or shave.  You could put a single spotlight above the mirror but we find that this can cast shadows onto the bottom half of your face.  A light either side of the mirror can work really well if you have the space.

Generally, task lighting needs to be very bright.  This is great in the morning when you need to wake up but you might want to tone it down later in the day.  This is where ambient light comes into play. 

You might still need to see to brush the children’s teeth or take your make up off without waking everyone up with an overly bright light.  You could try having the task lighting on a dimmer switch, but this isn’t always practical.  A series of spotlights will light the whole room and can generally be dimmed.  This allows you to turn the light down even further for a relaxing soak in the bath.

Alternatively, you could use a big pendant shade that casts light through the whole room.  It can be a wonderful decorative feature as well.

Getting decorative

Decorative and accent lighting both contribute to the overall feel of your bathroom.  You can also turn them on and off to change the mood.  You could use beautiful lamps, coloured lights or even a spectacular chandelier if you’ve the space!

We’ve also seen underwater lights that can be installed in the bath and change colour.

If you’ve chosen to have photographs or artwork in your bathroom you might still want to see it even when you’ve turned the main lights down.  Accent lights can be placed above pictures or sculptures to light them individually.  This is great if the kids leave the bathroom in a mess.  You can get in the bath, turn the light on over the things you love and leave everything else in shadow!

We hope we’ve inspired you and if you have any top tips for great bathroom lighting, drop us a comment!