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Spend vs save: how you can create the kitchen of your dreams


We love helping people to create their perfect kitchen but we know that it can be expensive. The good news is that making some clever choices can give you a fantastic kitchen no matter what your budget is. 

Unsurprisingly, there are some things it’s worth spending money on but you can still make great savings. 

Here are our tips for where to splurge and where to save.

What is your kitchen for?

Before you start, think about how you use your kitchen.  Do you love to cook or do you want a party kitchen?

That will help you decide what you need to focus on.


We think it’s worth investing in good quality cabinets.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune as there’s a huge choice available.  We’ve used cabinets that are part solid wood and part veneer that are still guaranteed to last for years.  By doing your research, you can achieve the look you want without blowing your budget.


We’ve seen some terrible worktops in our time.  Very cheap worktops won’t last long, especially if you’re someone who does a lot of cooking.  Marble and stone worktops look amazing but come with a hefty price tag.  There are plenty of cheaper options that are still hard wearing.

If your kitchen is going to be used mainly for entertaining, you can mix things up.  Spend a bit more on the areas where people will gather and then go for something cheaper in out of the way places.

Fixtures and hardware

No matter how you use your kitchen, your cupboard and drawer handles are going to get a lot of use.  The same applies to your taps.

There are some great metal fixtures that will withstand daily use and look fantastic.  The cheaper ones tend to have a coating that will wear off.  That means you’ll be left with something much less attractive underneath.

White goods

You’ll save yourself a fortune if you can build your new kitchen around your existing appliances.  But if you want to buy new, you don’t have to break the bank.

Mid-range brands can often perform better than top of the range ones in consumer tests.  It’s usually cheaper to shop online but you might also have a local supplier who can save you some cash.

The important thing is to work out exactly what you need before you go shopping.

Tiles and flooring

Tiles can transform the look of your kitchen but they’re a pain to replace if you choose something quirky and get tired of it.  If you’ve got a large area to cover you could choose cheaper plain tiles but with a colourful feature row.

Your flooring needs to be durable.  We’ve seen beautiful floors smashed because something’s been dropped on them.  If you’ve got small children you’ll also need something that’s easy to clean. Sorry, we know that’s a bit boring, but we hear it a lot!

Vinyl flooring used to be cheap and nasty but it isn’t any more.  There are some beautiful designs that can save you a fortune.


We think you should get as much natural light into your kitchen as you can.  Sunlight is free and boosts your mood so think about adding windows or a skylight if you can.  Installing double glazing could cut your heating bills too.

For places where you still need electric lights you can get stunning, energy efficient fittings at your local DIY store and they’re easy to replace if you want a different look.

Are you thinking about a new kitchen?  Drop us a comment and let us know what you’re investing in!

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