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Spend vs save: how you can create a beautiful bathroom on a budget!

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Our customers are always asking us where they should spend and where they can save to get the bathroom they want.  The final decision is always up to you, but we recommend spending money on the things you want to last.  Here are our suggestions to help you make a plan.

What do you use most?

When you’re investing in bathroom fittings, the things that are used most often are also the bits that wear out first.  Most people we speak to use the shower every morning.  If the whole family are in there every day, that’s a lot of showers!  Investing in a good quality shower and tray will save you having to replace everything in a couple of years.

If you need a bath, how often will it be used?  Do you sink into it once a week or are the kids thrown in every day?  There are some great quality acrylic baths that will stand up to frequent use but are also much cheaper than a porcelain tub.

We’d always recommend choosing the best quality sink and toilet that you can afford.  In our experience, the lower budget options often develop faults on the surface that look unsightly.  At worst, you might even have to replace your toilet because it stops flushing properly.

Think about taps

Your taps will be used a lot.  Cheaper taps tend to have a chrome effect surface which will eventually start to wear off.  They might not look quite so attractive underneath.

The same applies to your shower.  Even the surface of your shower head can start to flake off as it’s exposed to moisture.

Fixtures and fittings

Only you can decide on the look you want, but don’t rule out cheaper option when it comes to tiles.  If there’s an expensive design that you can’t live without, try using it over a smaller area.  A feature wall or even a feature row can look amazing. 

Spend as much as you can on cabinets and drawer units.  They get a lot of use and also have to stand up to condensation.  The last thing you want are warped units.


The way you use colour allows you to express your personality.  We usually recommend white sanitary ware to our customers.  It’s a classic look and you’re less likely to get tired of it quickly.  It also gives you a blank canvas to work with.

Using colourful towels, blinds and paint allows you to change the look of your bathroom without spending a fortune.


It’s amazing how much difference the flooring in your bathroom can make to the overall look.  Best of all, there are some fantastic designs available which don’t cost the earth and will stand the test of time.

Acrylic flooring can even replicate more expensive wooden or tiled floors.  They are easy to clean, maintain and dry if the kids decide to throw the water out of the bath!


There’s nothing worse than a cold bathroom on a chilly morning so it’s really important to get the heating right.  A heated towel rail heats the room and also gives you a lovely warm towel to wrap up in after your shower.

Whether you choose a towel rail or a radiator it’s important to remember than cheap versions are more likely to rust.  They’ll also be more reliable so you’ll save money on getting a plumber out to fix them.

Are you having a bathroom makeover?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on spending

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