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Nicola’s story – how we transformed her bathroom

We know what it’s like when you’re thinking about updating your bathroom.  You want to change things around, give yourself more space or just update the overall look.  But when you think about actually getting someone in to do it, you hesitate.  Won’t it all be a huge hassle?  And how much better can things really get anyway?


That’s why we’re delighted that Nicola has agreed to let us share her story with you.  Nicola lives in Glasgow and when she contacted us she had already been living in her town house for 9 years.


She had bought the three storey house from new and had the top floor all to herself as it had her bedroom and an en-suite bathroom.  However, she had never been completely happy with the bathroom.  It was a small room with a rather strange shape.  It was functional but it never felt like somewhere she could completely relax.  As a busy working mum, Nicola needed a refuge; somewhere that she could call her own.


Over time, the fixtures and fittings began to erode.  Thankfully, this gave Nicola the perfect excuse to give the space a makeover and that’s when she got in touch with us.


A quick reality check


Looking back, Nicola recalls that “The team were excellent in advising what was and wasn’t possible on what was actually a really small budget for doing all this work…  I started with ridiculous expectations in terms of finishing.”




Nicola really wanted a luxurious space that she could call her own.  We started by looking at the existing room and talking about her budget.  There was already space for a dressing room.  We suggested that Nicola should put a big chunk of her budget towards knocking through, bringing the dressing room and en-suite together to create one large luxury bathroom.  Changing the layout instantly made it a more relaxing place.  Nicola could walk into her bathroom and feel that she had more space to move around instead of feeling hemmed in.

Getting the fixtures and fittings right

 We believe in working with our customers to help them get the finish they want within their budget.  Nicola was no exception.  She wanted to retreat to a bathroom that felt like a spa.  In particular, it was really important to her to have a show stopping bath.  The extra space we created made that possible.  She can now have a relaxing soak in a tub that makes her feel like a film star.



We were also able to advise Nicola on tiles, lighting and bathroom accessories that fitted in with the overall feel without breaking the bank.


Making life easy

There’s no getting round it; having work done on your house is always going to cause a bit of disruption.  But we wanted to make sure that the work didn’t affect Nicola and her family too much.  Luckily we could work during the day when everyone was out and we always make sure that we leave the place clean and tidy before we leave.

We’ll leave the final word to Nicola; “We created a space, a haven for me, on my budget and I was delighted with the finish.”


If you’re thinking about your own bathroom transformation, give us a call, we’d love to help!


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