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How you can transform your bathroom into a spa

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We confess, this is our least favourite time of year.  Christmas is over and spring still seems a long way off.  We know that lots of you love to cheer yourselves up with a spa break but the cost can put you off.  Well, what if we told you that you can bring the spa to your own home?  Whether you’re after a redesign or want to add a few simple touches, here are our tips to make your bathroom more luxurious.


Introduce natural materials

Using natural materials in your bathroom is becoming increasingly popular and it helps to make your room feel more like a spa too.  You can choose from wood furnishings, natural stone and glass fittings.  A pebbled tile floor might sound strange but it feels wonderful (and surprisingly warm) under your feet.

Keep it white

Use white in your bathroom and you can guarantee it will never date.  White fittings and tiles also help to make your room feel bigger as they react well to light, however you choose to use it.  Even if you want to turn the lights down and relax with a soak in the bath, white will still look fresh and clean.  Of course, every spa has an inviting pile of fluffy white towels.  Roll them up and put them on display and you’ll transform your room instantly.

Choose luxury fittings

We know that remodelling your bathroom can be expensive.  However, just imagine the money you’ll save if you don’t need to pay to go to the spa!  You could spend it on some beautiful luxury fittings and still have change for a massage and a facial.  Whether you prefer a bath or a shower, choose the biggest one you have space for.  A cramped shower or bath won’t help you to relax.  For the full spa experience you can now get showers with lighting effects so you can choose the light to suit your mood.  If you don’t want to splash out on a new shower you could change your shower head to an overhead drench or rainfall option.

We hear that some people are opting to sink their bath into the floor.  That might not be a practical choice for you, but you can still choose a lovely deep bath to sink into.  There are also lots of baths with whirlpool features and they don’t cost as much as you might think.

Make it light

The people who design spas are brilliant at maximising natural light.  Whenever you go to relax you’ll find big windows letting in light even on a cloudy day.  If your budget won’t stretch to adding new windows in your bathroom, there are other ways you can bring light in.  Maybe your bathroom is a bit dark because there’s a curtain taking up space.  Fit a roman blind and you can pull it up out of the way.  Equally, clear anything that’s cluttering up your window sill.

Little touches

If you want a relaxing bathroom, little things count.  Keeping your bathroom tidy might be a challenge but it’s worth doing.  A lack of clutter will make you feel more relaxed.  Think about how you display your products too.  Gathering similar items together looks great and help you to relax as you’ll know where everything is.

You can also brighten things up with artwork or a lovely flowering plant.  Finally, we can’t think of anything more luxurious than stepping out of a beautifully scented, candlelit bath into a warm fluffy bathrobe.

What would make your bathroom more like a spa?  Let us know!