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How you can make the most of a small bathroom!


We know that your bathroom can have a big impact on your day to day life.  After all, it’s where most of us start our day. 

If your bathroom feels too small for comfort, or if you need to squeeze in an extra shower room, we’re here to help.  We might not be able to give you any extra space but there are ways to make the room you have work better.

Who’s using your bathroom?

How you design your bathroom will partly depend on who will be using it.  You might want to create an adults-only retreat or need somewhere that suits the kids as well.

If you really need a bathtub you can get standard baths which look stunning and are only 1.5m in length.  These are ideal unless you happen to be tall; folding yourself in half for a bath isn’t going to be too relaxing!  A large shower enclosure can feel really luxurious while still taking up less space.

Room for two

If your mornings are a rush and two of you need to fit into the bathroom at the same time, some small changes can make a huge difference.  Even a relatively short wall could hold a big mirror or a longer sink which you can both use at the same time.

Think about movement

Nothing makes a bathroom feel smaller than bashing into something everywhere you turn.  You’re going to get fed up very quickly if you have to squeeze around the sink to get into the bath or shower.  Think about how you move around the room and where you need your clear spaces to be.

Finding space for storage

Storage can be the biggest challenge.  It helps to think vertically as well as horizontally and this can extend to choosing your fittings and furniture.

A wall mounted cabinet can be wide enough to hold bottles and jars but also leaves space underneath so you could place it above the toilet or sink.

Sink units can also be designed to fit into a small space but with plenty of storage.  You could include a shelf to store beauty products or folded towels.  A raised version could also give you room for extra storage underneath.

Make your morning routine easier

It can be a rush getting ready in the morning so you need your daily essentials close by.  A shelf over the sink could be enough but you could also extend this over the toilet if they’re side by side. 

You’ll need a dry towel to hand as you get out of the shower.  If you can’t find the space on a wall, put a towel rail on the back of the door. 

Small details count

Opening a shower door into a room can be a bit of a squeeze.  If you find that you have to manoeuvre yourself between the door and the sink, a shower curtain could be a better choice as it simply moves side to side.

Tiny details, such as wall mounted fixtures or even having rounded corners instead of square ones, can free up a surprising amount of space.  They can also make it much easier to get to the things you need.

Clever decorating

Most decorating guides will tell you that you need to use one light colour to make the room feel bigger.  This works in most rooms but bathrooms seem to work better with a large pattern or a bright colour to break up the lighter areas.  It fools your eyes into thinking you’re in a larger room.


We hope we’ve given you some great ideas – let us know in the comments below!

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