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How to successfully share a bathroom with your children

Family Bathroom for SharingWe see it all the time.  Our customers buy a family home with one lovely family bathroom.  Then the kids come along.  Suddenly your mornings turn into a mad scramble to get everyone ready and out to work, school or childcare.

The last person in will find themselves in a room where a bomb could have gone off.  There are wet towels everywhere and maybe even toothpaste on the walls.  That’s without even thinking about the potty training stage.

Whilst we can’t teach your children to tidy up after themselves, we can help to make it more bearable.  For one thing, one bathroom means less cleaning.

The scheduling nightmare

Let’s face it, mornings can be tricky when you’ve got children.  You’ve probably got about an hour to an hour and a half to get everyone up, dressed and out of the house.  We’ve all queued outside the bathroom pleading with someone to get out at some point.

If you have teenagers you may have to resort to bribery.  Failing that, take things back to basics.  If your daughter is taking up valuable bathroom time doing her hair or make up, move it to her bedroom.  She might even thank you.

Getting everyone in at once

When you have small children, a solo trip to the toilet can feel like luxury.  When they’re little you can probably get away with going into the bathroom together.  As they get older privacy will become more important but some things can still be shared.  If you have the space, an extra sink can give everyone the space to wash or brush their teeth at the same time.

We’ve seen some houses where people have screened off their toilet for greater privacy.  The results are mixed.  However, if you come to us for a new bathroom we’ll certainly talk you through the options.

Getting the storage right

The way you organise your storage can be key to harmonious bathroom sharing.  If you’ve got expensive products you don’t want your children spilling them all over the bathroom.  Getting them out of reach and preferably out of sight is easily done.  High level cupboards also mean you can get any medications or other dangerous substances out of the way.

Equally, great storage can be fun for your kids.  It could also help to encourage them to keep things tidy.  You could try tooth mugs or beakers with their name or initial on.  A towel hook with their name on can help to prevent arguments as well.

Your storage can also help you to transform your bathroom into an adult friendly haven when you finally get it to yourself.  You can use baskets to store products, towels and bath toys.  Then you can hide the toys away and bring out the spa accessories to completely change the feel of the room.


The way you light your bathroom can give you a change of mood at the flick of a switch.  When you’re trying to wake everyone up in the morning, bright overhead light is great.  You can also use task lighting, for example a spotlight over the sink, to make shaving easier.

Then, when you want to relax, you can bring in low level lighting. Dimmer switches are ideal for this.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas to help you survive in a single family bathroom.  If you’d like to discover how to make sharing easier in your own home, just let us know.