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How to make your kitchen feel enormous even if it isn’t!


We wish we had a pound for everyone who’s told us that they wish they had a bigger kitchen.  The great thing is, even if you have a small or narrow kitchen you can make it look amazing.  Clever storage will also help to give you plenty of space whilst keeping all your essential kit within easy reach.

Have you heard of the magic triangle?  It’s a classic way of setting up your kitchen with the cooker, fridge and sink on three sides so they’re all close to each other and you can get between them quickly.  It means that if you need to grab something from the fridge to throw in a pan, or get everything into the washing up bowl quickly, you can.

The way you decorate can make a big difference to how your kitchen feels.  Dark colours make everything look smaller so go for light but bright colours on your walls and bold bright accessories.  Great lighting that gets into the darker corners will make a difference too.  It’ll all help to give you a lift when you’re half asleep getting your morning coffee. 

Getting organised

When you’ve got a small kitchen you really need to get clever with your storage.  Having lots of utensils, bottles or pots and pans on your work surfaces will make any room feel cluttered.

Tall cupboards that go up to the ceiling can be really useful.  You can put the things that you don’t use regularly at the top.  You could also use the spaces above the cooker or fridge by putting in a high shelf or cupboard.  The only drawback is that you’ll need a good set of steps to get anything back down again. 

Remember, you don’t have to have everything hidden away.  If you have lovely plates you can store them in a plate rack on the wall.  You could even display crockery that you don’t use every day in another room.

Easy access

The best thing about a small kitchen is that everything you need is close at hand.  You don’t want to have lots of stuff on the worktops but you could have one pot, with the utensils you use most often, next to the cooker.  You can hang your favourite pans from the walls.

If you have shelves, use both sides.  You could have containers on the top and jars glued underneath so you can just unscrew the lid when you need the contents.

Hidden spaces

You’d be surprised how much space there is when you look for it.  If you choose made to measure cabinets you can get them to fit every nook and cranny.  Mostly though, you’ll have standard sized cabinets that can leave gaps next to your fridge or other appliances.  A narrow slide out cabinet can store spice jars or even tins, giving you more room in your bigger cupboards.  You could also put hooks inside cupboards to create extra hanging space.

The main thing to remember is that your kitchen is at the centre of your home.  If you’ve got family coming in and out or you’re hosting a party, it might feel like chaos, but it’ll still be fun!

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