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Have happy Christmas house guests: how to share your bathroom



Are you looking forward to Christmas?  We hope so; you’ve been working hard all year so you’ve earned a bit of time off to put your feet up.  That said, if your family are coming to visit you could be feeling the pressure.  Will there be enough food?  Is everyone going to get on?  How on earth are you all going to share one bathroom?

Whilst we can’t help you with the grocery shop, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve when it comes to bathrooms.  Here’s our guide to help you share space without stress.

The big clean up

You always want your bathroom to be clean but it’s worth going the extra mile at Christmas.  When you’re cleaning normally you probably follow the same routine.  However a guest will be coming to it with fresh eyes and might notice the bits that you usually ignore.  It’s worth paying attention to the undersides of cupboards and the sink, as well as the skirting boards.

A fresh smelling bathroom will help to put your guests at ease.

If there are any repairs that need doing, do them now.  It could be embarrassing if your granny can’t get the bathroom lock to work!

Don’t forget to tidy up

Whilst you’re cleaning, check around your bathroom surfaces too.  There are probably lots of old bottles and jars hanging around.

Giving your guests clear space to put their own toiletries out will help them to feel at home.  There’s nothing wrong with having the things you use regularly on display too, but think about what you could store away.  Trying to find cupboard space for things you don’t use regularly is a great way to declutter and clear out items that you haven’t used in years.

Bring out fresh supplies

It’s not always easy to achieve, but the more hotel like your bathroom feels, the more comfortable your guests will be.  We’re not suggesting that you have to pack all the kids’ bath toys away, but little touches can make a big difference.

If you’ve got travel sized shampoos, soaps or shower gels left over from your holidays, put them out for your guests.  Make sure there’s a fresh bottle of hand wash.  That way they know that they can help themselves and they’re not putting you out.

Make your guests comfortable

It goes without saying that your guests will need their own towels.  Make them as new and fluffy as possible to make it feel like a treat for your guests.  It’s even better if they’re all the same colour as it adds to the hotel feel.  It just makes people feel that you’ve thought about them.

Lovely smells

We know, bathrooms aren’t always associated with lovely smells!  It’s easy to joke but it can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable if there are unwelcome odours lingering about. 

If you already have room sprays that your family use, make sure they’re somewhere obvious.  At this time of year you can also find a wide range of scented products that you can leave in the bathroom.


If you have to get out to work at any point over Christmas, it’s only fair that you should get into the bathroom first.  Otherwise, just relax and forget about the daily routine.  You’re on holiday, remember?

If the guests get into the bathroom before you, just sit down and have another cup of tea.

We hope that you and your family have a happy and peaceful Christmas – we’ll see you again in 2017!