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Does your bathroom need a spring makeover?

We always start to get busy again when spring arrives.  We think it’s because people start to go outside and see the new green shoots and beautiful flowers.  Then they go back inside to the home that’s been a lovely place to hibernate all winter.  Suddenly it feels wrong.  We all start to want to bring a bit of the outside in, not least because there’s every chance it’ll still rain at some point.

Spring inspires us to give our homes a fresh new look and gives us a whole new palette of colours to play with.  Whatever your budget, here’s our guide to bringing a touch of spring to your bathroom.


Bring the outside in

Introducing some flowers and plants to your bathroom is an easy and cost effective way of giving your whole room a lift.  You could choose a classic orchid, a pot of spring flowers or even go for a plant hanger suspended from a wall mounted bracket if you don’t have much shelf space.  Even when it’s too cold to be outside some gorgeous greenery will lift your spirits.

Introduce some colour

There are loads of ways to add colour to your room.  If you just want a temporary change with some classic spring colours, change your usual towels for some fresh greens and yellows that will match the daffodils and primroses outside your window.

You can find lots of different accessories at your local DIY or homewares stores, from blinds to toothbrush holders or even a coloured toilet seat!

If you’d like to go one step further and introduce some longer lasting colour, new wall or floor tiles could completely transform your room at a relatively low cost.  You could replace your flooring or refresh your walls with a new splashback behind the sink.  A row or panel of brightly coloured tiles around your bath or shower also makes a striking feature.

New hardware

Even if you don’t want to change your bathroom cabinets just yet, you can still give them a fresh new look by adding new knobs and handles.  This might sound like a small change but it can make a big difference.

You could also think about replacing your light fittings, whether you want a stylish new light over the shaving mirror or a spectacular chandelier.

Let the light in

The hours of daylight are getting longer and you can use your bathroom makeover to get the most out of them.  If you have room to add a new skylight or window you can bring more natural light into your bathroom which will help to lift your mood first thing in the morning.

If that’s not an option, think about investing in a new mirror, or even a few of them.  Mirrors help to reflect the light that comes in and bounces it around.  That makes the whole room brighter.  It’s also a great trick to use if you have a small bathroom as more light helps to create an impression of more space.

Ring the changes

Finally, if you want to get the professionals in to install a whole new bathroom, this is the perfect time to do it.  You can be outside enjoying the sunshine whilst a lovely new suite is being installed inside.  What’s more, you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy the results as paint and fixing materials will dry much more quickly now that the weather’s warmer.

We hope we’ve inspired you - if you have any ideas to share, leave us a comment below!