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Brighten your bathroom: how to bring colour to your life

We’re sure you already know how different colours affect your mood.  The right colour can help you relax when you’re tired or get you started for a brand new day


That’s why it’s so important to get colour right in your bathroom.  That said, it can be a bit of a dilemma.  Do you go for a bathroom suite in your favourite colour or stick to something monochrome?  If you choose colourful fixtures and fittings you run the risk of getting fed up with it before you’re ready for a new bathroom.  That could be a lot of days started in a bad mood!

Thankfully, adding a splash of colour to a classic design couldn’t be easier.  Here’s how it’s done.



Choose your colour

Think about what colour you want to focus on.  What mood do you want to create?  If you mainly use your bathroom to wake yourself (and the family) up in the morning, a bright shade will help.  Alternatively, if you want a luxurious retreat to relax in something more muted will do the trick.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t use your favourite colour.  Just pick a version of it that suits your needs.

The softer side

The easiest way to introduce colours that you can change quickly is by using textiles.  This is particularly true of towels which are relatively cheap so you can change them as often as you want.

A coloured or patterned blind will also add colour.  You can choose a single colour or one that fits in with any theme that you’ve picked for your room.  Your use of fabric is the easiest and most cost effective way of bringing colour to your bathroom in a variety of ways.

Practical necessities

Every bathroom needs some basic essentials.  Somewhere to put the toilet roll, a place for your toothbrush and maybe a soap dispenser.  If you’ve redesigned the whole room you might have already chosen metal fixtures to go with your scheme.  For anything more portable, think about your colours.  There is a fantastic range of different ceramic or plastic accessories that will make your bathroom look great and help you to stay organised.

Art and design

If you have the space, you might want to think about using your bathroom to show off some works of art.  Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you open a gallery!  Just look around the room and see whether there’s anywhere that would take some decoration.  A bare wall, an empty space on a shelf or windowsill maybe?  You could choose a lovely picture or ornament.  Even adding something small gives your bathroom more personality and lets you see something that’ll make you smile.  We can’t think of a better start to the day than that.

Something more permanent?

We couldn’t talk about colour without mentioning tiles.  Obviously they’re slightly more difficult to change but they can finish your room off beautifully.  You could choose some brightly coloured floor tiles to contrast with a plain suite.  We love to see coloured and patterned wall tiles too.  We’re seeing more and more customers using wall tiles as a feature.  You could have a small area or a single strip of coloured tiles with the rest being plain.

How do you use colour in your bathroom?  Drop us a comment and let us know!

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