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Your bathroom: the trends to watch for 2017 Posted

Jan Blog Pic1.jpg   We know we’ve got some design savvy customers out there so we always keep an eye on the latest trends.  We wouldn’t want to get left behind!  If you’re thinking about a new bathroom for the New Year, here are our favourite styles to inspire you. 1.    …  Read more

Unknown-1.jpeg   Are you looking forward to Christmas?  We hope so; you’ve been working hard all year so you’ve earned a bit of time off to put your feet up.  That said, if your family are coming to visit you could be feeling the pressure.  Will there be enough food?  …  Read more

P6170001.JPGWe know what it’s like when you’re thinking about updating your bathroom.  You want to change things around, give yourself more space or just update the overall look.  But when you think about actually getting someone in to do it, you hesitate.  Won’t it …  Read more

15110917_1806550292893437_4548460890115372575_o.jpg We love helping people to create their perfect kitchen but we know that it can be expensive. The good news is that making some clever choices can give you a fantastic kitchen no matter what your budget is.  Unsurprisingly, there are some things it’s wort…  Read more

Blog Image 10.jpg Our customers are always asking us where they should spend and where they can save to get the bathroom they want.  The final decision is always up to you, but we recommend spending money on the things you want to last.  Here are our suggestions to help y…  Read more