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14525125_1785254548356345_5598531512577771993_o-2.jpgIs there anything worse than getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning?  We can understand why some animals hibernate.  You have to get up when it’s still dark and head to the bathroom to get ready for another day. If your bathroom is making you feel ch…  Read more

22.jpgDid you spend half of Christmas in the kitchen?  Has labour intensive winter cooking kept you chained to the oven?  If you’re nodding, you’re not alone.  At this time of year people come to us for a new kitchen because they’re sick of the sight of the old…  Read more

Blog image  march2017.png We confess, this is our least favourite time of year.  Christmas is over and spring still seems a long way off.  We know that lots of you love to cheer yourselves up with a spa break but the cost can put you off.  Well, what if we told you that you can b…  Read more

DSCF0977.JPG It’s a new year which means that lots of you are looking for ways to make a fresh start.  If you think your kitchen looks a bit tired, here are our top five ways to give it a makeover. Your kitchen, your rules We’ve heard a few people talking about min…  Read more

Teven-Kitchen.jpgHow to make your kitchen look and feel larger Read more